Monday, November 17, 2014

The Thirteenth Tower by Sara Snider

Note: I received a NetGalley affiliated free copy of The Thirteenth Tower by Sara Snider earlier in the year (though I'm a little confused because even when I got it a few months ago it wouldn't have been an advanced copy and I'm used to having advanced copies but oh well, moving on).

I went into this book having read the blurb about it quite some time go. I remembered there was a female as a main character and that the story was about magic. What I had forgotten, and quickly found out while I was reading, was that The Thirteenth Tower was very much a "discovery of self" "coming of age" type of novel. Only coming of age with magic, which is always something I find interesting.

The story is about Emelyn, a supposedly orphaned housemaid from the village of Fallow. Throughout the story she travels far and wide and discovers quite a bit about herself, magic, and the world around her. And boy is it an interesting tale of travel.

I loved The Thirteenth Tower. The writing was tight and interesting. The characters were fairly well-developed and it kept me on my toes, especially as to what exactly a few of the characters were up to throughout the novel.

 And, even better, the story ended very nicely. It tied up enough strings to feel like a complete story but enough was left open that I could see Snider deciding to make it the first of a series if she so chose.

The only complaint I had was that some of the scenes with magic may have been handled a little better. I've read plenty of fantasy/magic stories and magic is something that can be hard to describe and that seemed like the case here. Descriptions of how the magic in this world works were long winded and slightly confusing. The magic battle at the end was VERY confusing.

But I still enjoyed what was going on. So as long as you're not afraid to be a little confused (because even if you do get confused, by the end of it you will know what happened) it's definitely a worthwhile read for fantasy fans.

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