Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer

Yes, I realize that most people have either already read the saga or they refuse to go anywhere near it. I also understand why people may not want to jump on the bandwagon what with the insane amount of hysterical fans who worship the ground “Edward and Bella” walk on. I will admit I am slightly obsessed (several hundred dollars invested in Twilight memorabilia and a trip to Chicago to meet Robert Pattinson) but that’s beside the point. I’m just trying to convince you to read the series, not to buy all the merchandise or chose whether to join Team Edward or Team Jacob.

As an English major I will admit that Meyer is not the best writer but she is an awesome storyteller. Her writing is somewhat flawed; she has some spelling mistakes, word choice issues, anachronisms, etc. However I feel as though the story itself far out ways any mistakes Meyer and her copy editor may have made or let slide. I know that many of my guy friends make fun of the “sparkly” vampires but guess what? Not all monsters have to be disgusting and gory. The important thing about vampires is that they’re supposed to be seductive which the whole turning into dust in sunlight thing kind of puts a damper on.

I enjoy the Twilight saga because the scary monsters are incredibly attractive but they’re human, falling in love and afraid of being alone for the rest of their long existences. They tease and flirt and do stupid things but there is also suspense and a hint of danger. The ordinary setting and the ordinary main character Bella makes you wonder what fantastical things might be lurking at your own high school; it’s a form of escape from the boring day to day life when you can wonder those types of things. It’s about vampires, werewolves, and special powers but it’s also about awkwardness, unrequited feelings, the power of love, all things that most people experience in their lifetime.

I will also admit that some of the things which happen in the fourth book make it even more unrealistic than the first three but if you get to that point just stick with it. Meyer is able to weave her story together so magnificently that before long you won’t even realize how ridiculous the situation is. I myself hated the plotline until I got more than halfway through the book but suddenly, I can’t pinpoint when, it all came together and made perfect sense. It may be a bit screwy but it’s a fantastical ending to a good fantasy series.

So go out and read and enjoy;)


  1. Boooooo! Twilight stinks! When are you writing about the Song of Ice and Fire or Diskworld?

    On an unrelated note, I was surprised to find out that fantastical is actually a word albeit a rarely used one.

  2. Don't diss my review unless you've actually read the series and can give me exact reasons why. Mine were stated above...

    I've thought about Song of Ice and Fire and Discworld...however it's been too long since I read the former and I have yet to finish the latter. However since Discworld is so long I should probably break it up into sections like books 1-10 and so on.

    P.S.- Don't diss the world fantastical, I happen to like it very much.