Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's This All About?

When I was in college a friend of mine, who is now my fiance, suggested I blog book reviews since I read so much. I realized that was a fantastic idea and therefore "To Read or Not to Read" was born.

Over the years I've went through spurts where I enjoyed writing reviews but then I'd go for months without wanting to do any. What inspired my most recent spurt of enthusiasm for blogging was when I was approved for NetGalley, a place where I can request and then read and review books before they are published.

After this entry all the titles of my posts will only include reviews of books I have read, some more current than others. I will tell you whether or not I think you should be reading the books I've read. I would love to help you answer the question "to read or not to read?" I'm hoping the answer is "to read" in reference to my blog *wink wink*.

P.S.- I may occasionally have a guest blogger, a friend of mine and fellow librarian named Jenni!

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