Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

I actually really liked this book but it lost a star for a few reasons. First of all,every main character ends up with a love interest and basically a happily ever after. And the fact that Tessa managed oh so tragic happy endings with both the men in her life. I mean I did spend the majority of the books flipping back and forth as to who I thought she should end up with, Will or Jem, but damn I thought it was a cop out for her to get a chance with both of them.  I'm all for happy endings but in a world full of people who spent their lives fighting demons it doesn't make sense that every single couple ended up growing old and having children. Shouldn't someone have died young or been injured so badly they were unable to have children?

I did like how although Tessa fell for Mortmain's lies, allowing herself to change into his father (really, how did she not realize that would end badly?) she was able to be the one to hand out the killing blow when the time came. I'd been hoping that would happen since the beginning.

I was also pleasantly surprised when there was still about 15% of the book left after they defeated the Clockwork army. I was expecting that to pretty much be the end of it but nope, the reader learned a little bit about what happened to everyone afterwards even Magnus's journeys. So that was a nice wrap up and I didn't feel like I was left hanging.

So even though there were a few parts I was nitpicky about all in all I thought it was a pretty strong ending to a beautifully written series.

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